Vinyl Flooring Maintenance – What To Do

Vinyl floors are durable, slip resistant, attractive, and long-lasting, but if not properly taken cared for, they will get damaged over time. If you don’t vacuum or clean on a daily basis, dust and dirt will wear down the floor and diminish its beauty. With proper care, vinyl floors will retain their beauty and original shine for many years. Fortunately, vinyl floors are easy to maintain and clean.

Every vinyl flooring Perth supplier will advise you to regularly clean your vinyl flooring, regardless of the fact that it is durable and spill resistant. Here are some useful cleaning tips to consider in order to keep your floor as good as on the day you had it installed.

Vinyl Flooring Maintenance

  • One way to keep floors clean is to use a doormat. This is an effective way to keep dust and bacterias away from your vinyl floors. The fact that you cant’s see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The dirt that sticks on your shoes will easily transfer on your precious vinyl floors and cause it to become yellowish.
  • Sweep, sweep, sweep. Every vinyl flooring Perth supplier will tell you that. You better spend minutes to quickly sweep the dirt off of your floors, then let dust mites settle deep in your floors.
  • With vinyl floors you don’t have to use heavy-duty cleaners. Ask your vinyl flooring Perth supplier to tell you which cleanser is the right one for your floor. For example, if you have a no-wax vinyl installed, then you should only use a cleaner made for no-wax floors only. But, if you have vinyl floors that require waxing, then you will only need a warm water and a detergent. Damp the cloth in the mixture and mop the floor.
  • Make sure you don’t drench your vinyl. Every vinyl flooring Perth supplier will tell you that a great amount of water might work its way into the edges or cracks and destroy the glue bond that holds the vinyl in place.
  • Over time no-wax floors lose their shine. If you want to restore its initial appearance, then forget using a mop and wax products. Instead, use a polish or a sealant especially made for no-wax floors.
  • Is it time to move again? Or maybe you just want to rearrange your furniture? Then you must lay a piece of plywood first. Instead of dragging your furniture and scratching your precious vinyl floor, use plywood sheeting to protect the floors.

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