What Benefits Can a Zero Gravity Recliner Offer for Your Health

You don’t hear much about zero gravity outside of the space industry, but lately, it’s also getting quite a bit of traction in the recliner manufacturing world. Zero gravity recliners can be a great addition to any workplace and home alike, as they help relax tensed and stressed muscles. The idea behind the concept of zero gravity recliners is to lift the user’s body just like the bodies of astronauts in space, in order to release all the pressure from every part of the body.

Recliner Zero Gravity

NASA was the first to initiate the use of zero gravity technology, but many ergonomic chair manufacturers have adopted it with the goal of providing a relaxing state of equlibrium to those with a heavily sedentary lifestyle. A recliner zero gravity chair helps reduce the force of gravity by evenly distributing the weight of the user across the entire chair.

Most recliner zero gravity chairs use a safety lock mechanism, so that whichever position you take – from full recline to upright, you can easily relax in confidence. Physicians around the world agree that the healthiest position to sit in is zero gravity. It reduces swelling in the legs if suffer from varicose veins or edema by elevating them on a level over your heart, thus increasing circulation which helps minimise stress on the heart. Moreover the strain on your vertebrae is also significantly reduced, so if you have neck or back problems you’ll feel great relief.

If you’ve decided you need a zero gravity recliner chair, there are a couple of things you need to consider in order to make the right purchase, as zero gravity recliners can be quite the investment. Things like portability, price, frequency of use and your body type can all make or break a zero gravity recliner.

If you need a portable chair, then you should consider a more lightweight model. However, this means that they’ll be short of some features like shiatsu rollers and built-in heaters, which add to the weight of the chair. Something to look out for when buying a lightweight recliner is its weight threshold and warraty, even though it may come at a higher cost, but it always paays off to invest in quality.

Next, ensure the recliner you pick is accommodating to your particular body type. Most recliners are made for average height and weight, so if you’re not on the average side in any regard, look for one that’s intended for your body type, so you can rest assured you will be comfortable in it, especially if you use it very frequently.

Lastly, the appearance of the recliner and the price is not something to be overlooked. Most zero gravity recliners are made with a stylish design and quality upholstery. These chairs can easily blend in anywhere in your home without disrupting the harmony of your interior.

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