What Can a Recliner Bed Do for Your Bedroom Comfort?

A recliner bed is something we normally think is reserved for nursing homes and hospitals. But here’s the thing. This type of bed can benefit all people, no matter their age or level of health. Why, you ask? Simply because it offers users the ultimate level of adaptability to adjust to a comfortable position for sleeping or even lounging.

recliner bed

Let’s face it, flat beds aren’t actually designed for our needs. Since our bodies aren’t flat, the standard bed causes improper spinal alignment and fails to provide key body parts with the support they need. Over time, this can lead to a variety of issues from neck and shoulder pain to snoring and circulatory problems. All because your bed isn’t right.

On the other hand, a recliner bed comes with an electric motor that allows the user to tweak the form of the bed with a remote control. This means you have the freedom to explore a range of alternative sleeping positions that feel more natural to your body. What’s more, some top quality adjustable beds also offer a special feature called “zero gravity” which takes pressure off the spine and muscles by creating a feeling of weightlessness. Who wouldn’t want to float off to dreamland like that?

But what if the thing that’s keeping you awake is your partner’s snoring? How can an adjustable bed possibly solve that? Really easy, by putting the bed in a slightly raised position, the upper body is elevated which helps free up blocked airways and allows an undisrupted flow of air to the lungs. This helps prevent snoring and sleep apnoea, as well as ease the symptoms of asthma and sinus congestion.

Adjustable beds are also a very efficient solution for people experiencing acid reflux at night. If you’ve ever had a particularly large or spicy meal before going to bed, you know how hard it can be to fall asleep while your oesophagus burns so bad. Some people experience this most nights due to a condition known as GERD . Not only is GERD a very painful and debilitating condition, in very serious cases it can permanently damage the oesophagus and even lead to cancer. Sleeping on an adjustable bed that’s raised in a 20-degree angle can prevent acid from reaching your oesophagus, and also help with digestion.

But a recliner bed is not only great for finding the most comfortable sleeping position, it’s also designed to provide you with proper ergonomic support while you read in bed, watch TV, or even work on your laptop. Setting up the bed is very easy as it can be regulated by a wireless remote control. Some models also come with a memory feature that memorizes your favourite position with the touch of a button. There are also some additional features such as massage, LED lighting, USB ports, battery backup for power outage situations, wall-hugging and much more! All for your utmost comfort and convenience!

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