What Do Wind Shields and Bonnet Protectors Offer For Your Mitsubishi ASX

If you’re looking to equip your Mitsubishi ASX with some front-end protection accessories, then you’re probably in the market for wind visors and bonnet protectors. These two are some of the most popular and affordable Mitsubishi ASX accessories that are quite functional and easy to install by yourself in your garage. If you’re unfamiliar with bonnet protectors and wind visors, here’s all you need to know about them.

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Let’s start with wind visors. These Mitsubishi ASX accessories are used to lessen the problems caused by opening your window. When driving at high speed, there’s fast-moving air getting into your Mitsubishi, causing an increased road noise and constant buffeting for everyone inside the vehicle. Wind visors redirect the fast-moving air up and over the window and to the side of your Mitsubishi. This lets you drive with the windows open for better ventilation, so you won’t have to use your air conditioning, and that can reduce the amount of fuel your Mitsubishi consumes. Wind visors are typically made of acrylic, and they’re specifically designed to fit a specific model, make and year of the vehicle. They’re extremely easy to install and are usually slightly tinted to reduce glare. All you have to do in order to install them is slide them into the seal located at the top of your Mitsubishi’s door.

Bonnet protectors, on the other hand, protect the bonnet. The bonnet is susceptible to damage from small chips and stone. Having a bonnet protector prevents this from happening completely. Bonnet protectors are usually adjusted at an angle that allows them to push stones and other airborne debris up and over your Mitsubishi, thus protecting your entire front end. Unlike bonnet bras, bonnet protectors don’t peel off the paint, as they don’t come in direct contact with the bonnet. Just like wind visors, bonnet protectors are quite affordable, and they feature a low-to-medium profile that offers efficient protection, as well as a sleek, aerodynamic appearance. They come with as vehicle-specific fit designs and in a range of finishes to compliment your Mitsubishi’s look. Further, they’re molded from impact-modified acrylic and are easy to install and wash.

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However, as you can probably guess, not all wind visors and bonnet protectors are made the same. For this reason, you should always look to get them from reputable vendors that stand behind the quality of their products with a warranty. This is especially important when shopping online.

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