What to Do About Hygiene in the Wilderness: Shower Tents for Camping

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If you are no stranger to camping, having no decent place to shower while you’re on your adventure has probably happened more times than you are willing to admit. Granted, the whole experience is about trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone, but being clean and feeling fresh shouldn’t be compromised. That being said, if camping is becoming something you want to do more often, then you should consider investing in a shower for camping.

There are types that come with a tent too so that you can have maximum privacy.of the models available on the market are designed to be assembled in just a couple of minutes. As easy they are to set up, they are just as simple to pack and store away. A high-quality shower for camping should be made of polyethylene on the sides and floors. These materials ensure that the shower tent is durable, reliable to use and waterproof. These also feature pole frames that are often crafted from fibreglass which makes the whole construction lightweight and easy to transport and handle. There are types that come with metal poles too. A bit heavier option, but still easy to maneuver.

shower for camping

When looking through the vast choice of tent showers, make sure that you choose one that comes with a strong zipper on the door. If you go for cheaper zippers, you risk them getting sticky, broken or dysfunctional. Instead, go for a d-style door that is more durable and easy to operate for everyone. Another detail that may seem irrelevant at first is the entry flap. A small addition that makes sure all dirt and debris are kept away from the inside of the shower tent. This part lays flat on the ground in front of the entry door and basically acts as a rug.

As already stated, there are various different types of shower tents available. Besides everything else that has been mentioned so far, they can differ in size too. When deciding on the most suitable size for you, consider the space limitations you have for both transport and for usable space on the campsite. Interior heights vary from shorter styles that come with a shower chair, to heights that reach up to 2 metres. Additionally, there are various storage pockets on the inside of the shower tent. These are great for placing your shampoos, conditioners and soaps inside. And finally, besides the most obvious purpose, you can also use the shower tent as a private place where you change your clothes in peace and away from curious eyes.

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