What do women find attractive about men


“Everyone to his taste” would probably be the best phrase to describe different ways women look at men. Some would say women get attracted to the physical appearance or to the personality, but no one really knows why women get fascinated with a specific type of men. You would be surprised to find out that women actually pay attention to the smallest detail. Everything matters – outward appearance, body structure, character, style, etc.

For example, it is scientifically proven that women respond to natural body. And not just natural odor, but fragrance men use as well. Maybe that is why men devote more time in choosing the right mens perfume in order to manifest not just their character but masculinity as well. Ok, let’s get real! Women simply love men who smell nice! So, studs, wear expensive or cheap perfume all the time regardless of whether you’re going to a supermarket, gym or a business meeting. You never know when you will bump into your ‘other half’. Every man should have various fragrances in his collection since it is adequate to use lighter and fresher fragrances during summer season and stronger scents during winter time. Show that you are playful, spontaneous and don’t be afraid to use different fragrance every day.

To sweep a woman off her feet is a complicated process, a game that requires precaution. With the right fragrance selection you’ll make any woman go crazy for you. So, do not be afraid to spend extra money on few good perfumes as it will pay off in the end. Do a little research and buy perfume online if you’d like to take advantage of many super discount deals. You’ll find many branded mens perfume in the ‘cheap perfume’ category. Here are few suggestions:

  • Davidoff The Game – Powerful signature of aromatic Jupiter berries and notes of iris and precious woods. Hands down to this perfect fragrance accentuating elegance.
  • Dior Homme – A woody floral fragrance, also known as the remake of the old version of the classic Dior Homme is perfect for men who want to leave an impression of being a ‘cool’ guy. There is something powerful and magnetic about this fragrance that drives women crazy.
  • Euphoria Men – An exotic mixture of ginger,pepper and lemon with a touch of summer breeze. Calvin Klein has the most appealing fragrances for men who want to express their freedom and unique style. Women get drawn to men who wear sensual fragrances which express their charm and seductive nature.
  • Armani Code – If you like getting compliments from women on how great you smell you must definitely try Giorgio Armani fragrance that highlights masculinity, sexiness and sophistication.


Women may have the reputation of not knowing what they want, but when it comes to men, they certainly know what they are looking for. According to the recent study, women get drawn to men with deep voices. Men with lower pitched voices are said to have higher level of testosterone which makes them more dominant. And this feature is well known in our human evolutionary history, as females were always attracted to more dominant male figures.

Also, even though it may sounds like a cliche, one thing women fall for is a good old romance. Women simply want someone who will shower them with flowers, attention and lots and lots of compliments. Be creative in your actions – write her short love notes on post-it frequently; order flowers and have them delivered to her office, shower her with kisses, etc. Simply make her feel special.

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