What do Men Find Attractive About Women


What do men find attractive about women? This is a question every woman seeks an answer to. It is the most discussed issue among women, especially among younger generations who know just how important the first impression is to the opposite gender. Beauty and attractiveness are very powerful seduction tools every women wants to have and there isn’t one that hasn’t visited a perfume shop, cosmetic and hair salon in the quest of finding the magical recipe for looking absolutely stunning. however, many other factors define women beauty in the eyes of men. Perhaps it is best to talk from the male perspective about what makes one woman attractive.

Because every man has a different personality and taste, each find different things attractive in the opposite gender. Usually a good looking and stylish women would make men turn their heads. Regardless of how much we value the inner beauty, what men notice first in every woman is her physical appearance. Stylish hairstyle and makeup can have high decisive impact. As will wearing a sensual perfume. Fragrances have powerful influence on men and the way they perceive the gentle gender. There are different kinds of womens perfume that can significantly help in leaving a good first impression. Either expensive or cheap perfume, a good and seductive scent is among the things that every men find attractive in every women. So, it is no wonder women spend great amount of money in order to get that magical and super-seductive womens perfume that men love.


Recent surveys also show that majority of men love women with long hair. Straight or wavy, mid-length hair is what men find very sexy. Despite the new trendy bob or pixie hair style, if you want to be labeled as ‘hot’, make sure you wave those silky locks. And luckily, today you can instantly add length to your own hair with hair extension. They are easy to maintain and if quality attached, hair extensions can last for over a year. But long hair is not the only thing men prefer. Believe it or not, brunettes are on the top of the list. So ladies, if you want to awe the opposite gender, dye your hair brown. Any hairdressing salon in Melbourne offers a wide palette of various shades of brown, so take your pick.


However, outward appearance is not the only thing that matters. Many women believe men dream of waking up next to the supermodel, but in reality that is not true. What most men really care about, aside from outer beauty is a even more beautiful personality. For some, women with free-spirit character, pure heart and soul are very sexy and attractive. A cheerful, nice person who always smiles and believes in compromises and has good manners is an ideal woman for greater male population. Nothing makes a woman less attractive than bad mood and negative character. Genetically, men are very simple creatures and for them attractiveness happens very quickly – they look and make a decision. Therefore, the bottom line is that the first impression plays a very important role in determining what men find attractive about women.

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