What kind of carpet cleaning tools Australians use?

carpet cleaning

Carpets are one of those items in your house that need special attention when it comes to washing them. There are many different types of carpets on the market which are made out of different materials that can gather lots of dirt which are mostly hidden to the human eye. Technology advancement have covered even this particular area of households, with many companies today which offer carpet cleaning machines for home usage. These machines can be less and some more effective. Also, carpets are made out of many materials and some of these materials are not very resistant to water damage. This is another reason for carpet cleaning manufacturers to expand their line of products with carpet cleaners that exclude water from their washing equipment. Due to the factors we cannot really identify, Australians in recent years have mostly bought steam carpet, dry carpet and foam cleaners.

Steam carpet cleaning is a familiar process to many. In this process, steam carpet cleaners use hot water to wet carpet and then add special detergent which attracts dirt, soil and microbes hidden in the carpet. This combination of water and detergent leaves a fresh and lasting smell, and most importantly, it removes most of dirt and soil. Steam carpet cleaners are generally good solution for home and commercial carpet cleaners but face one obstacles in their market expansion – some carpets are less resistant to water damage and cannot be cleaned with steam cleaning machines.

Foam cleaning is less popular, but quite effective method, especially for carpets that cannot take any water damage. Hence, foam cleaning carpet machines use a minimal amount of water mixed with foam detergent that attracts and adheres to soil from the carpet. Once this mixture is applied to the carpet, it needs to be left on for some time and vacuumed afterwords. During the vacuuming process, the foam detergent along with all adhered dirt is removed from the carpet.

If foam cleaning requires just a small amount of water, dry cleaning, as the name says it, doesn’t use any water. This revolutionary technology has become very popular among commercial cleaning companies which can totally clean carpets in an hour since there is no need to wait for the carpet to dry. These machines use special powder that is designed to attract dirt and soil. Simultaneously, the carpet is vacuumed and powder is sucked along with any dirt and crumbs that were stuck deep in carpet’s fibers.

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