What Perfumes Do Guys Like On Women

We know that guys don’t care as much about fashion as women do. But don’t think that they don’t notice what women wear or how they look. Not that men read fashion magazines or visit fashion related sites, but most men can notice a girl with a unique style. Moreover, they can notice even the smallest accessory or perfume. We’ve heard that women appreciate men who wear good perfumes, but how do men experience this feeling towards women, given the fact that all women wear perfumes on a daily basis. And additionally, what are guys favorite perfumes that women wear.


Information gathered from surveys have shown one interesting conclusion – men can perceive some pungent scents that only their grandmother would wear. This is quite astonishing as you would never think that men would go so deep into their analysis of which perfume women wear. Tea rose is a common note for many fragrances and is one of the scents that men perceive as a grandma’s smell. So next time you go shopping for a perfume do have this in mind.


Floral scents have shown to be the least guys favorite perfumes on women. But this was not a case back in early 1980’s when floral and sweet scents were popular because they reflected the modesty and conservatism of women at that time. Today, these scents have lost much of their fans to more oceanic and transparent notes of the 90’s. However, certain floral scent have created a nostalgic feeling for some and few editions of such still enjoy success as they once did.

Although public opinion is that men like women who wear any perfume, over spraying yourself with a fragrance just because it is the hottest scent right now will probably drive men away from you. Also, other interesting information we gathered from forum sites is that some men love it when their girlfriend only takes a shower with a good shampoo. So you can never really tell whether you will get the attention of your admirer just by wearing a perfume.


In conclusion, only men who are into fashion get into details about what women wear (and a large part of these are gay). So, before you go on a date, don’t worry much about whether he will like your perfume, but rather focus on what you are wearing if you want to make a good impression. 

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