What To Buy Now: Fashion Trends 2015

No matter how superficial it may sound, for a woman with high fashion conscience, there is no better feeling than the satisfaction of wearing a good outfit, complemented with the power of the red lipstick. Although it’s a matter of personal preference and commodity, there is one famous and everlasting dogma in the fashion world: accessories make the outfit complete. So, if you want to make an impression, read about the latest trends in fashion and accessories.


  1. Jeans. No, Boyfriend Jeans!The ultimate piece of clothing every woman needs to own is a pair of good, strong, blue denim jeans. The latest trend on the runways is boyfriend jeans. It’s basically jeans for men, that are designed with few alterations to fit a woman’s body. This means they are loose, not tight to the leg, and shorter that the usual length of jeans.

    Style tip: If you are short, avoid boyfriend jeans, as they will make your legs look even shorter unless you plant to wear high heels. Boyfriend jeans look astonishingly good with high heels; not so much with flats, although it depends on the flats (for instance they look amazing with ballet flat shoes). Complement the jeans with a nice belt or a belt chain you can find in more popular fashion accessories Australia stores.

  2. The Almighty Trench CoatA trench coat never goes out of style. Take a look at Burberry – everything changes but the trench coat remains their trademark. Ergo, you must own one. A trench coat matches every outfit, from a classic work dress to casual jeans and heels outfit, and even looks perfect with flats! This season, beige and red are the colours. If you prefer a classic style, go with a beige trench coat with black buttons. If you are not fearless, go with something bolder like a red trench coat.

    Style tip: Match your trench coat with a nice silk scarf. Scarves are designed for one purpose – to make your entire vision more appealing to the eye. Browse online the offers of fashion accessories Australia retailers for a piece that offers style and value at the same time.

  3. The Classic High HeelsAlthough they have been around as far as fashion goes back, the classic high heels have evolved enough to become a very trendy piece. The latest trend is classic high heel in various colours! Play with your outfit, add a sparkle of loud, bold colour to it! For instance, wear red high heels with a beige dress or combine them with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Top it all with a stylish scarf and all eyes will be on you.women-fashion-accessories
  4. AccessoriesThe fashion pieces that do change every season, in shape, colour and importance, are the accessories. A good accessory can literally give life to your otherwise, boring outfit. Take the little black dress for example. It’s a classic, right? But it’s also boring and far from an elegant vision if you do not accessorize it with earrings, necklace or a scarf. So, what accessories you should buy now? This season, make sure you hit the fashion accessories Australia stores and look for the following pieces:
  • Wide brim hats – Fashionistas around the world have fallen big time for these hats! They look amazing and can complement a casual outfit and an elegant one. The black, wide brim hat look good on everyone, no matter if you are blonde or brunette. But, if you decide to experiment with colours, make sure you can combine this accessory with something you already you own, like a trench coat for example.
  • Leather gloves – Everybody is going crazy for the rock style. Leather got it’s five minutes on the runway. From leather pants, vests, jackets to leather accessories, it is all about leather this season. Check out your favorite fashion accessories Australia stores for the latest leather gloves offers. The trend this season are fingerless and driving leather gloves, that come mainly in black. And I would suggest you stick to it.
  • Wool scarves – The trend for this season is cashmere. Cashmere scarves are always a good accessory to every outfit. Plus, they keep you warm when windy days hit the streets.

Finally, you should think about colours. Beige, black and white are classics, so you can never go wrong with these. This season however try bolder colours, like red, navy blue, green shades like pine, basel and sage, and grey. Pastels will soon flood the streets, so consider them as well. And as always, be careful with colours; as much as they can give life to your outfit, they can easily make you look like a walking colour mess.

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