What To Consider When Shopping For Vertical Rotisserie Oven

There is no yummier grilled food than the home-grilled one. If couple of years ago, rotisserie ovens were big-sized, cumbersome and not easy to operate with, today’s models are nothing like the rotisserie ovens we used to see before. Latest models of this extremely versatile kitchen appliance can fit everyone’s kitchen countertop, as they are small-sized, sophisticated and with state-of-the art features.


Rotisserie ovens come in horizontal and vertical shapes, but it seems like consumers prefer the vertical rotisserie oven. And they are right. Apart from being a real space optimizer, featuring an ultramodern look, the vertical rotisserie oven offers many other benefits. However, there are couple of purchase-related factors that need to be considered when shopping for this type of versatile kitchen appliance.

Heat Power

Most models of vertical rotisserie ovens run on radiant (convenient) heat, but there are also models where the heat flows around the meat. Latest editions of vertical rotisserie ovens feature stainless steel heating elements and up to 1500W maximum power, which is a great advantage compared to rotisserie ovens that use stationary heat. Although both models provide same end results, it seems as if the stationary heat models are slowly getting out of fashion.

Temperature Control

What you need to consider as well is the temperature control. These kitchen appliances have different options when it comes to temperature adjustment and it all depends of the type and size of the meat you will prefer to cook in the vertical rotisserie oven. Thus, choose the model with the right temperature set-up.

Space Capacity

Are you a large or a small family? Is one delicious, roasted chicken enough for your family Sunday dinners, or you need two or maybe more? Answers to these questions will give you the idea of what is the right vertical rotisserie oven for your family. You can find some exceptional models which have a great storage capacity, up to 21 liters. Thus, you will have plenty of space to grill beef, pork, chicken and fish at the same time.

Number Of Spits

Single-spit or multiple-spit vertical rotisserie oven? It all depends on the size and how you want meat to be served. So, if you prefer to have a whole roasted chicken on the table, you should buy a vertical rotisserie oven with one spit. But, it you enjoy having your roasted meat cut in smaller pieces, then you should definitely get the multiple-spit vertical rotisserie oven.

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