What to Look For When Buying a Cold Room

Any business owner whose business relies on storing large amounts of frozen or chilled produce knows that using a cold room is oftentimes the better solution than using multiple smaller cabinets. Smaller restaurants and caterers can operate efficiently, but as they grow and the amount of chilled products they use expands, it makes more sense to invest in a cold room Australia restaurant owners suggest, simply because they provide more value in the long run.

cold room Australia

If you’ve decided your business needs a cold room, you have to consider a few important factors in order to get the best value for your money. There are many retailers that push systems that aren’t safe, energy efficient or environmentally friendly, so you best steer away from those. That being said, here are the three most important factors to consider when buying a cold room.

Configuring Space to Tend to Your Needs

In order to operate economically and effectively, the cold room Australia experts suggest, should have the right amount of storage to fit your needs. It should optimally use your space so that it provides the optimum amount of storage for its dimensions, but there should still be room for employees to go in, rotate stock and locate products in a timely manner. Additionally, the space should be configured to your individual requirements. There are models with different door positions and adaptable shelving to maximise storage space and free up floor space.

Control and Safety Systems

The cold room must comply with all the safety requirements and regulations for the sake of protecting employees who use the area. Moreover, it should ensure that all products, especially food products, medication and lab samples, are stored at the right temperature and kept in perfect condition. Some of these safety features include an emergency release to door handles, so that anyone who’s accidentally locked inside can override the lock and leave. The release mechanism should also be luminous, and there should be a heater fitted on the door to avoid the door gasket from becoming frozen. Lastly, the floors should be non-slippery!

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

These two factors are now more important than ever. There are ever-stricter regulations over energy efficiency in order to reduce the carbon footprint and help the environment. Of course, it’s essential for a business to reduce the energy consumption for the sake of costs as well. For that reason, look for cold rooms that have optimum insulation levels, doors that are well-sealed, and advanced air management systems. Moreover, filters that protect the condenser from dirt and dust are a must, as well as remote head disposal systems, which effectively transfer the heat generated inside the room to another room that needs the extra heat, or outside the building.

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