What You Need to Know about Flo Sinus Care: Benefits, Use, Safety Tips

With winter comes the flu, nasal congestion, the occasional sneeze and all sorts of allergens which in order to be reduced to a minimum, it is required for you to have a regular intake of vitamin C, proper clothing, good hygiene and regular exercise. Yes, that sounds like a lot which is why everyone is interested in something that can strengthen the guard against the seasonal flu, even if one doesn’t get to do everything from the above-mentioned. Well, the sinus care sachets from Flo can do exactly that.

flo sinus care


It can help flush out viruses breathed through the nose which can invade and replicate.

  • The Flo sinus care can reduce viral shedding in the nose which in fact reduces the rate of infectivity as well.
  • Helps dilute the excess mucus in the nose and sinuses which relieves sinus congestion, pain and pressure.
  • It can reduce the viral load in the nose thus reduce the symptoms from a cold and infections regarding the upper respiratory tract.
  • Cleansing nasal tissues with Flo’s sinus care sachets can improve the uptake of medicated nasal sprays and help maintain better function of the nasal pathway.

How to Use


For adults, the Flo sinus care sachet is all you need if you have a squeeze bottle or a neti-pot, otherwise go for the sinus care kit which includes everything you need for nasal washing. This is as simple as brushing your teeth or washing your face and with time you’ll be able to do it under 30 seconds.

woman putting flo sinus care

Preparing the solution starts by filling the bottle or neti pot with lukewarm preboiled, distilled or filtered water – when boiling the water always do it for 1 minute and let it cool down. Then you cut out or tear the sachet in half so when pouring it into the bottle you have it into a funnel shape which makes it easy to pour in the contents. Tighten the cap and shake the bottle until the mixture is dissolved and you’re done.

  1. First what you need to do is tilt your head forward and bent over a sink or in the shower so the chin almost touches your chest and then gently insert the tip of the bottle.
  2. Breathe through the mouth, slowly squeeze or pour the saline solution until it flows through the other nostril. When refilling the bottle with air make sure you remove it from the nose before releasing hand pressure.
  3. After you’ve used half of the solution, change sides and do the same thing with the other nostril. It’s important to not let the water go in the back of your throat – this will require a bit of trial and error until you find the right angle for your head.
  4. When you are done, gently blow your nose into a tissue to remove any leftover mucus.

Babies & Children

baby flo sinus care

For children and babies, you can use the Flo sinus care nasal drips and spray as they are preservative-free, isotonic nasal cleansing solutions designed to be gentle on the tissues. Both the Flo sinus care Baby and Kids Salines are made with an advanced technology that allows you to administrate the saline solution at any angle, which makes for easy and quick use. You won’t be needing mucus aspirators too as your baby or child won’t even realise when you have administrated it.

  1. Again you will position your baby or child in a comfortable position but this time with their head tilted to the side and put the spray or drip applicator below the nostril.
  2.  You will then insert the required dose of saline solution into each nostril, once you’re done wipe your child’s or baby’s nose with a soft clean tissue.

Safety Tips

  • Do not perform nasal irrigation on infants.
  • If the saline solution looks dirty or cloudy, throw it away and always wash your hands before a sinus wash.
  • Always use distilled, filtered water or water that has been previously boiled instead of tap water and avoid using hot water too.
  • Don’t do a nasal wash if you have a neurologic and/or skeletal problem or a facial wound that hasn’t healed yet, as breathing in the liquid can put your health at great risk.
  • Clean out your squeeze bottle, neti-pot or bulb with hot soapy and sterile water or run it through the dishwasher after every use – dry it completely.
  • Avoid using cold water, especially after a sinus surgery as there is a risk of bony growths developing in the nose called paranasal sinus exostoses or

Risks & Side Effects

Blocked ears may occur if the solution enters the eustachian tube. This is resolved by closing your nostrils and gently blowing through the nose which results in a popping sound signifying that the ear is being cleaned. After that, just breathe normally and swallow a couple of times, if your ears are still blocked – repeat the same thing.

Earache can occur if you have applied too much pressure when administrating the solution and to clear it out, just repeat the above steps. If it persists after that, make sure you consult your healthcare professional. Other side effects include stinging in the nose, sneezing, a sensation of ear fullness and although rare, nosebleeds can also occur too.

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