Work Footwear – the Best Features to Look for When Buying

If there’s one thing you should not be without once you clock in, it’s the proper high-quality work footwear. Wearing the right type of shoes is essential no matter what industry you’re in – it will keep you safe from whatever the job throws at you and help you stay comfortable the entire day. If you work on your feet, the shoes you are wearing can either be your best friend or your enemy. For that very reason, here are some of the things you should look for when buying new work footwear.


Designs that cradle your foot in all directions are the ones that provide real comfort. Mentally, you might feel awesome and very comfortable in your trendy sneakers, but the thing is, they don’t tick all the boxes when it comes to the features needed when standing on your feet and working all day long. In this case, support is your best friend, so you should invest in some quality work footwear with good insoles that will help you get through the day without getting pain in your lower back.


In a normal working day, your feet can travel up to 15 kilometres. So, aside from making sure that your feet can endure that distance, so should your shoes. You definitely don’t want to be returning them to the store you bought them from after your first shift and go through the hassle of finding another proper pair again, do you? What you should be looking for is tough but supple leather, reinforced heels, and durable soles. A high-quality work shoe should provide you with months of quality service, and maybe even more if you take good care of it.


When you are working, you are on your feet all day on a hard, slippery surface, so you need to make sure that your shoes are safe to walk in. In settings where spillage is very likely to occur, slip-resistance is even more important. When shopping for your work footwear remember – grippy soles make happy souls.


Obligatory type of shirt? Check! Obligatory style of a cap? Check! Obligatory trousers? Check! Quality, comfortable, fit-for-the- purpose footwear? Hmm! It seems like in most cases, the most important part of your uniform regarding safety, comfort, and health is the item that’s most compromised upon. But don’t ever compromise on your shoes, just find a reputable work footwear online store and you are sure to find the model you are looking for in your size and needed colour!

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