What Info Do You Need Before Buying Mixer Cases

Carefully storing all of your musical equipment is essential for keeping it in proper working condition. All musicians have hundreds, if not thousands worth of equipment at their possession and they have to take all of that gear with them when they travel for gigs. For any performer, besides the instrument, a necessary piece of equipment is the mixer console. And just like you would buy a guitar case, a keyboard case, or a case for any other instrument in order to protect it, you also need to buy a mixer case to protect the mixer.

Mixer Cases

The mixer is a piece of equipment which is often undervalued. What most people don’t realize, is that it’s the mixer that controls the quality of your audio output, making sure your instrument sounds perfect. So this is enough reason by itself to invest into mixer cases. Everyone needs a mixer in order to have an outstanding performance, but nobody relies on it like a DJ does. And if you are one that constantly performs at different venues, you understand that mobility is key and that equipment is fragile and expensive, especially mixers.

Thanks to the internet, buying mixer cases has never been easier. All you have to do is go online and google them out. You will find yourself looking at hundreds of different mixer case types. Mixer cases are divided into two basic categories – hard and soft. Here are a few things you should know about both types before you make your decision.

Hard Cases

Hard cases are the more expensive ones of the two options. However, they offer superior protection, especially if you travel by plane. It’s always better to spend money upfront in order to protect your gear, than to have it break down and spend even more money on repairs. Most hard cases are made of either aluminium or stainless steel. Furthermore, they have multiple protection layers to ensure that your mixer doesn’t get in harm’s way.

Soft Cases

These cases are the cheaper option. While they don’t offer the hard case level of protection, they still provide a sufficient amount. Most soft cases use zipper mechanisms and are really easy to use. They also weigh less and are more convenient to carry around. They can accommodate equipments of different shapes and sizes and can fit many things inside. Before buying one, you should measure the equipment and compare it to the dimensions of the case to ensure you can fit everything that you need to.

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