Best Ergonomic Products to Help Support Your Neck and Back

Humans aren’t built to be sedentary, yet many Australians sit almost 10 hours every day (on average) due to the fact that most jobs are computer-based nowadays. According to research, lower back pain is a leading cause of disability, making it imperative for us to understand the importance of proper posture and start taking care of it. Everything at our workplace – from the computer’s placement to the chair design can have a serious impact on our neck and back.

Ergonomics position your monitor properly

Ergonomic experts use scientific methods to study physical factors that are involved in human anatomy so that they can design ergonomic furniture pieces that are in alignment with our body musculature. Applying modern ergonomic solutions at your workplace can improve your health, prevent neck and back pain and provide a more relaxing, productive and overall healthy environment. Having the following ergonomic products will help ease existing pain and discomfort and make your workdays more pleasant.

An Ergonomic Backrest That Supports Your Lower Back

If you don’t have the budget to shop for a new desk chair, but want to improve what you already have, you can invest in easy to use ergonomic back supports. These amazing cushions can make a big difference and help you in various situations. An ergonomic pillow will definitely get the most use in your office. But this precious ergo backrest is portable and you can easily use it while driving in your car to avoid discomfort on the road, when travelling by plane or while working in your home office.

Ergonomic back supports also known as lumbar support pillows are made of memory foam which helps maintain the natural curve of your spine, thus preventing muscle fatigue and back tightness. You’ll find a range of ergonomic backrests. For some of them, the cushion design might feature an insert that can be removed to reduce its width and the lumbar curve can be modified to suit your requirements. The varying contour might be used either way meaning that it can accommodate all body types.

Other (pricier) options have a 2-tiered support system – mid spinal support with memory foam for a good posture and lower lumbar support for natural body curvature made from three memory foam sections. The self-adjustable memory foam provides a soft, relaxed fit. You only need to clip the straps in place to start enjoying its amazing benefits.

Lumbar rolls are D shaped which allows them to fit snugly against your back. The viscoelastic memory foam adjusts to your back while the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and cool. It features an elastic tie which holds the pillow in place and can also be used for transporting the roll itself. Some ergo back support models come with air lumbar pumps so that you can customise the fit to suit you.

Stand Up Desk for Proper Posture

Sitting for hours can be very uncomfortable, luckily modern stand up desks are a great alternative that can help you move more throughout the workday and boost your energy levels and concentration. This type of desk brings many health benefits, with a lower risk of heart-related diseases being one of the most important. There are many different designs of stand up desks, as well as sizes and features, letting you choose the right one according to your needs.

office height adjustable standing desk

Static of fixed standing desks are built-in and have a standard height which can’t be adjusted, so you can only use the desk while standing up. On the other hand, with adjustable standing desks, you can alternate between sitting and standing any time you feel like it. There are two types of adjustable desks: mechanical (adjusted with a handle or lever) and electric (adjusted with a push of a button).

Although pricier, electric desks are more convenient and easier to adjust and use. Electric desks are designed with 2 or 3 leg systems. The typical height for 2 leg systems ranges between 680 mm to 1180 mm while 3 leg systems may extend from 650 mm to 1250mm. 3 leg systems are more stable for a given height compared to 2 leg systems and logically they will cost a little more. They can usually take up to 100 kg of weight. However, consider that you can buy a basic fixed-height desk for less than $100 and need to spend more than $1000 for a sturdy, custom made standing desk.

In case you can’t change the whole desk, you can go for a sit-stand desktop workstation which means you’ll get a very affordable solution. The tabletop quickly converts up and down in a stable motion. With this setup, you can also greatly benefit from adding an arm computer – another ergonomic accessory that will help you position your monitor at the correct height and angle. This way, it helps prevent eye strain and promotes good body posture and a comfortable work atmosphere.

An Ergonomic Office Chair That Supports Your Back and Neck

Basic office chairs may cause many health issues when using them for an extended time: lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and eye strain. But the right ergonomic office chairs can make all the difference when it comes to back and neck pain. These chairs have backs that are extended from your shoulders to the seat, while a section in the lower part curves slightly forward to match the natural curve in your lumbar spine. Adjustable armrests support your elbows and forearms, allowing them to hang naturally from the sides. Adjustable seats make sure that your hips and knees are flexed in a ninety-degree angle with your feet flat on the floor.

Footrest to Improve Your Blood Circulation

Your feet need to be positioned properly during the day so that you can feel comfortable. More than 6 hours of standing or sitting can lead to varicose veins, and using ergonomic footrests will dramatically decrease the chances of developing this condition. Consider getting a good footrest which provides stability, adjustability and important swivel features to improve blood circulation in the legs.

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