Boosting Your Energy Naturally Using Essential Oils

Whether it is a Monday or just a regular busy day at work, there’s no escape from tiredness. And yes, coffee does help, but wouldn’t it be nice to cut down on the caffeine intake once in a while? Although it comes with a lot of benefits, consuming too much caffeine can be quite unhealthy. Because of this, you might need to try something else to deal with persistent tiredness. Like for instance, essential oils.

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How to Use Essential Oils for Energy?

There are many essential oils that can improve focus and motivation. These amazing oils can be used aromatically in a diffuser or can they can be applied topically. Either way, oils for energy can positively influence areas of the brain that control the feelings of tiredness and stress, thus help you feel more energised. I am sure that on days when you feel groggy (and on top of that, you still need to be productive) you are looking for something to help you feel more awake, focused and stress-free. Well, in that case, trying these oils might be exactly what you need.

What Essential Oil is Used for Energy?

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is one of the most commonly used oils as it offers exceptional benefits for the body and mind. Since lemon is a citrus fruit, apart from boosting energy levels, it can also reduce stress levels. In fact, when compared to lavender (traditionally known as the number one calming oil), it seems that lemon essential oil is even more effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

It has also been proven that this essential oil can help maintain healthy blood pressure and can get rid of any toxins in the body. In order to reap its benefits, it is paramount to choose a pure essential lemon oil. That way, except using it for aromatherapy, you can apply it topically on your skin and add it to food and drinks.


  • Before adding a few drops of it in your water, make sure that the chosen one is labelled safe for consumption.
  • When applying it topically, it is recommended to dilute it with a carrier oil.
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Orange Essential Oil

Just like lemon, orange is also citrus fruit, offering mood and energy-boosting effects. The orange essential oil can come in a sweet and more bitter version, however, both of these varieties can improve energy levels while reducing stress and fatigue. The ideal way to make the best of it is by sniffing it directly from the bottle or by using it in an aromatherapy diffuser. Since orange oil has antibacterial properties, it can be added to household cleaners.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon can give a warming effect on the body that is caused by the increased blood flow. This can certainly act as a ‘wake up call’ to the brain, which can result in making you more focused and motivated. If used in its pure form, this essential oil can also maintain healthy blood sugar levels and can prevent the laziness or slow movement which is a common thing after a large meal.

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Peppermint Essential Oil

Except for refreshing the breath, peppermint is also great for boosting energy levels and improving the mood. This essential oil can uplift you, improve focus and eliminate brain fog. To boost your energy, it is best to use it in a diffuser or sniff it right from the bottle. To relieve headaches and remove brain fog, it is best to use it topically, by applying it behind the neck or on the temples.

Lavender Essential Oil

Except for being associated with relaxation, lavender oil can positively affect the mood as well. Lavender oil is also great for reducing stress and anxiety while improving focus and concentration. To make it even more powerful, you can match it with peppermint oil. Since lavender essential oil is related to calmness, you can also use it on its own at night for sleep improvement. In order to do that, it is recommended to diffuse it half an hour before going to bed. If used for increasing focus and energy, it is recommended to inhale it directly from the bottle or use it topically on the temples and on the wrists.

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