Forklift Safety Driving Tips – What You Ought To Know

It is estimated that the forklifts cause approximately 85 fatal accidents and 34,900 serious accidents per year. In most cases, the operator is the one who is injured the most. 

Although essential piece of equipment for every warehouse and manufacturing facility, the forklift can be extremely dangerous machine if not operated properly. That’s why the operators need to successfully complete specific training program before using a forklift. Only experienced and well trained operators can use forklifts without causing serious accidents.


Many accidents can be prevented when the operators are trained and know how to react in sudden dangerous situation. All forklifts Sydney suppliers, beside a forklift manual, advise their customers to complete a proper training program before using a forklift machine. Here are some forklift safety driving tips that you need to know for safe operation:


  • Lower the forks when leaving the forklift cabin;
  • Carry loads with a slight tilt, and never with load at vertical or forward tilt;
  • Pay attention when accelerating, braking or turning the forklift. The force applied can alter the balance of the equipment;
  • Drive the forklift on stable grounds;
  • Lower the loads slowly when stopping;
  • When carrying long loads, always pay attention on some obstacles that might block your way;
  • Ensure that the forklift is capable of lifting the load;
  • Drive slowly and with great caution on wet or slippery surfaces;
  • Stop the forklift completely when changing the direction from forward to reverse or vice versa;
  • Maintain a safe distance between the equipment and other vehicles.


  • Leave the load on a stack, especially if it is unstable;
  • Exceed the rated capacity of the truck;
  • Add additional counterweights to the rear end;
  • Raise or lower loads while moving or changing directions;
  • You should never transport workers on the forks;
  • Raise the load near or over people.

If you want to ensure safe forklift operation, sign up for a course. All forklifts Sydney dealers will recommend you a reliable training company. And remember: ‘It is always good to learn from practicing, rather than when making mistakes’. This is true because even the smallest forklift mistakes can be deadly.

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