The Best Tools to Help You Lose Weight

If your goal is to lose weight, you’ll have to make some serious lifestyle changes. In order to achieve long-term results you have to accommodate your diet, start with cardio and regular workout sessions and consider adding fat-burning proteins to the mix.

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This simple combination promises successful weight loss and plenty of health benefits that your body will thank you for!

Fat Burning Proteins Can Help Speed Up the Whole Process

By now, you probably know that workout supplements can have an enormous effect on fitness and overall health as they represent a source of additional nutrients and vitamins that you can incorporate into your diet. Depending on your goals, there are many types of supplements to choose from.

Fat burning supplements are specifically designed to help you burn that unwanted fat faster by speeding up your metabolism. They also contain protein that helps tone up your body and turn fat into that all-desired muscle mass. Fat burning supplements are made from natural ingredients, are sugar-free and can contain a number of other nutrients in addition to protein. They can also be vegan-friendly and gluten-free. You can choose from many types of fat burning protein products, depending on what you think is best suitable for you.

The following ingredients are usually found in a fat burning protein supplement: protein isolate and concentrate, green tea extract, l-carnitine, , caffeine, konjac root, concentrated capsaicin, sesame extract, hydroxy citric acid and added natural flavours and colours. However, ingredients vary from one brand to another so pay attention to that before buying.

The usual fat burning protein powder can provide you with as much as 21g of protein per serve and only 96 calories and zero grams of fats and carbohydrates. The inclusion of protein for fat loss in your diet is of great importance because it’ll help you burn fat easily while controlling your appetite and building lean muscle mass. Some of them even help with muscle recovery after an intense workout. Plus if you’re missing proteins in your diet, this is the perfect way to regain balance.

These supplements are also available in a number of flavours like banana, strawberry, cookies and cream, chocolate, salted caramel and more.

When it comes to dosage, it’s recommended to drink fat burning proteins once or twice a day, depending on your goals. For better effect, you can drink it in the morning with breakfast to boost your metabolism. You can drink the protein on its own, as a smoothie, a snack replacement or a post-workout supplement.

Don’t Skip on Effective Exercise!

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Obviously, even the best supplements won’t work unless you include effective exercise into the equation.

It’s recommended to start with cardio exercises that will elevate your heart rate and warm you up. For a beginner, it’s recommended to start with at least 30 minutes of cardio activity a day, four or five times a week. Cardio workouts include rope jumping, jogging, bicycling, power walking, aerobic exercises or swimming. Always start doing low-intensity exercise and then slowly start increasing the intensity because your body will need time to adjust to the new rhythm.

After you’ve spent some time on cardio and feel that your body has adjusted to the new intensity you’ve put it through, you can start doing weight training exercises. These exercises are great for your metabolism and weight loss, although you shouldn’t expect to see results right away. The process may be slow, but the end-results are worth it. For weight training, you can use a kettlebell or dumbbell at the beginning and then slowly increase the weights as your body becomes stronger. Your set should consist out of 8 – 12 repetitions. Then you can increase to 15 and after that when your body gets used to it you can start doing a second set of reps.

Once you’ve advanced and gained strength you can start doing deadlifts. Deadlift exercises are great if you want to build muscles both in your upper and lower body while getting rid of all the extra fat you don’t need. You should be careful though while choosing the weights. It’s recommendable that the weight is half than your maximum but with more repetitions so that you combine weight training with cardio at the same time and get the benefits from both.

Consider the Following Dietary Changes for Lasting Results

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Dietary changes are the key to successful weight loss. And we’re not talking about a short term commitment. It has to be a lifestyle change you’re ready to follow for years if you want to keep the results.

Healthy eating can help reduce your appetite and improve your metabolism, thus speeding up weight loss and preventing weight gain in the future. One of the first steps you need to make is to cut back on sugars and carbs. Don’t exclude them completely, but cut them down to a minimum because radical changes may cause a yo-yo effect in dieting and you don’t want that. You have plenty of healthy variations of desserts that you can add to your diet plan like oatmeal or peanut butter cookies, carrot cake and low-calorie low-sugar ice cream.

Proteins, fats and vegetables are the most important in your whole diet plan. After the protein fat burning supplements helped you reach your desired results, proteins from food can help you maintain your newly gained muscle mass and good health while keeping you feeling full. Naturally, proteins can be found in meat (beef, chicken, pork and lamb), fish and seafood (salmon and shrimp), eggs and vegetables (beans, quinoa and tofu).

When it comes to vegetables, you can include ones that are low on carbs and calories like cabbage, cucumber, spinach, tomatoes, kale and broccoli. Plus, you’ll benefit from the extra vitamins and minerals they’re packed with.

As for snacks, you can eat nuts or veggies with hummus which are healthy and help you lower hunger between meals and stop you from overeating.

In order to keep everything under control, consider sticking to monthly or weekly meal plans. That way, you can control all the calories you take in while making sure your dietary plan doesn’t lack important proteins, fibres and nutrients. Remember, the goal is to lose weight but stay healthy and strong!

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