What Can Body Moisturisers Do for Your Skin?

When you are looking to buy something to hydrate your thirsty skin, it’s important to choose a product that is not only effective and gentle, but it’s also sourced from natural ingredients. A lot of moisturizers use oils and other ingredients from animals. For example, keratin is used as a conditioner and it’s derived from horns, ground hooves and the nails of animals. Squalene is also used in conditioners in moisturisers and it’s obtained from sharks’ liver oil. Stearic acid is used in cleansing products and it’s obtained from fats of slaughtered animals.

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The truth is, most beauty and skincare products are lab-produced using synthetic and animal ingredients. However, with more and more people today turning to a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle, the number of beauty brands that are turning to natural products is on the rise. From body moisturisers to shampoos, there is a diverse array of natural products to choose from today. The perfect body lotion cream is made of natural ingredients, nourishes your skin and is ideal for your exact skin type.

Does ‘Natural’ Mean ‘Vegan’?

No, natural means that the product is made with natural ingredients but it can still contain some animal ingredients. On the other hand, vegan means there is nothing animal-sourced and that the product is made with ingredients sourced from nature.

Another term you will come across in the beauty industry is “cruelty-free”. Products can be vegan but not necessarily cruelty-free. This means vegan products don’t use animal ingredients but they can be still tested on animals, while in cruelty-free products, there is no animal testing at all.

So, if you want to go completely natural and don’t want to use something for which an animal needs to be killed or harmed, then a vegan moisturiser is your best bet. Using a vegan moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner and any other skincare product is not only beneficial for your skin but for the animals and Earth as well.

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Is Body Lotion Moisturiser?

All lotions are moisturisers but not all moisturisers are lotions. Generally, lotions are light and runny moisturisers. Moisturisers for body come in this form because they are easy to be applied to larger areas. Moisturisers are a spectrum from water to vaseline – with creams, ointments and lotions being varying blends of the two. Generally, most products carry two or more forms of moisturisers like one lotion form and one cream form. With this being said, a lotion can actually be a moisturiser.

Can You Use Body Moisturiser on Your Face?

I wouldn’t recommend it. Body moisturisers are usually a lot thicker and some of the ingredients may irritate your facial skin. When it comes to your face, you should always use something more delicate and gentle.

Benefits of Vegan Skincare for Your Skin

The benefits of natural products are well-known and already proven. Here are some of the biggest.

  • Nourishing ingredients – Vegan skincare is made of plant-based ingredients. They are nourishing, gentle and loaded with a range of vitamins and antioxidants. Since there are no synthetic elements, like artificial colours, fragrances parabens and sulphates, these products are recommended even for people who have sensitive or problematic skin. The botanical seeds, leaves, oils and roots work well for all skin types and are very effective in infusing the skin with the strength to naturally repair itself. Ingredients sourced by nature are rich in minerals and deeply and gently cleanse, clarify and smoothen your skin.
  • Protection – Vegan oils, butter and other products give your skin a luxurious feeling but they also provide it with a natural line of defence against pollution and other factors that cause skin damage. They are abundant in vitamins and antioxidants which combat these aggressors.
  • Gentle for sensitive skin – There is nothing harsh and aggressive in vegan products, which makes them friendly for any skin type and most skin conditions. They are made with tried and gentle ingredients which have been used for centuries. Compared to other lab-produced products, they are less likely to cause irritation, resulting in happier and healthier skin. Also, they are the most powerful weapon against ageing. Thanks to their combination of all-natural antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and botanical extracts, vegan skincare products can help rejuvenate your skin giving it a healthy glow.
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Benefits of Vegan Skincare for Animals

Animal-derived products are not necessarily effective. There are plenty of incredible plant-based options that are just as good as or even better than their animal counterparts. Thanks to the diverse range of safe plant-based ingredients and scientific advances, there is no need to subject any living creature for product testing.

Benefits of Vegan Skincare for the Earth

Brands that are trying to maintain a vegan lifestyle are constantly working to minimize their impact on the environment. They try to be as sustainable as possible throughout the entire process, from sourcing the ingredients to the packaging. They go for more eco-friendly options, use recyclable packaging and renewable ingredients. In a time when waste and pollution are destroying the world, every bit of earth sustaining action can benefit us and our future generations. So, what do you say about starting to use natural products today?

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