Spruce Up Your Backyard with a Lovely Pond

There are many things you can do in your backyard to create a nice entertainment area where your family can spend quality time together, enjoy the warm days right out of your doorstep, and unwind from all the everyday problems. One of those ways is building a backyard pond. Ponds come in many different forms, and there is something for any backyard and for anyone’s taste. This amazing addition to your home can bring not only beauty and a feeling of luxury, but can also give you the peaceful haven you’ve dreamed about.

POnd in garden
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Things You Need to Build a Pond

Everyone who has a backyard can build a pond, with just several essential components, which you need to keep the water clean, filtered, fresh, and, of course, contained. Of course, you’ll also need to decorate it to make it even more appealing. So, to design and build a stunning, functioning backyard pond you need to purchase the essential elements including a low voltage pond pump and a filter, a liner and underlayment, etc., decorations like stones, plants, ornaments etc., as well as fish if you wish to keep them in your pond.

The Pond Pump

If you are adding a pond in your backyard, you’ll probably want to maintain the water quality and keep it crystal clear. For this, you’ll need a proper filtration system. The water in the pond is filtrated by a pond pump and a filter, which work together, in tandem to filter out the water. The pump keeps the water constantly circulating, 24/7, through the filter and it keeps it aerated. So, the filter cleans the water that reaches it from the pump. 

Pond pump
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This way the water is clean and healthy for the plants and/or fish that live in the pond, helping them thrive. There are different types of pumps and filters and each of them has its advantages. For instance, to clean the water better a biological filter uses good beneficial bacteria, which grows naturally on it. Before you choose your pond pump first you need to determine what kind of pond you are building, as well as what’s your intention. This will help you narrow down your choice, as to the type of pond pump you need. 

When it comes to safety, we are talking more than anything about the way the pond is powered. If you are building a pond in the outdoor area of your home, for best safety, you should purchase a high-quality low voltage pond pump, regardless of the type of pond you are building, and have an electrician connect it properly.

Pond filters/pump
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Furthermore, you’ll need to decide whether you want a subversive or an external pump, as well as how high you want your pump to push out water. Make sure that you get the right one for the pond you need to build. You can choose a fountain pump, a pump-filter combination, or even one that can be connected to a solar panel, suitable for an off-grid pond or an aquaponic garden. One of the most important things you need to take into consideration is the volume the pump can process, measured in litres per hour. The higher the flow rate or the volume, the cleaner and clearer the water will be. 

The Pond Liner 

You can’t have a pond in your yard without a way to retain the water. For this, you need a high-quality liner. Quality of course means more expensive as well, but when it comes to the liner, you should definitely avoid cheap, because even the smallest rip or tear can mean losing a lot of water for a short time. Before laying the liner, you also need to lay underlay to protect the liner from rocks and sticks. Furthermore, you’ll also need a non-toxic and safe pond sealer.

The Pond Liner
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The Decoration

After you’re done with looking for low voltage pond pumps, your pond filters, your quality pond liners, etc. the fun part may start – decorating the pond. Regardless of whether your pond has fish, whether there is a fountain or a waterfall, whether it’s big or small, even with something simple like plants and stones, you can create something stunning. 

Furthermore, to make your backyard pond look even more aesthetically pleasing, you can add some beautiful big garden urns, columns, stones, or some kind of ornaments, you can build a small bridge over it, or put some beautiful outdoor furniture – and the best part is that it’s all up to your taste, and of course your budget. 

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Benefits of Building a Pond in Your Outdoor Area

The sight and the sounds of water have been proven to have a calming effect on people, and to provide stress relief and inner peace. This means that having a well-designed backyard pond is good for your mental health. But having a nice peaceful sitting area, where you can listen to the running water and look at the beauty you’ve created will also give you a reason to spend more time outdoors. All of this will in turn give you more energy, improve your mood, your focus, your creativity, your productivity etc.

Furthermore, doing anything that will make your backyard more gorgeous, whether it’s building an entertainment area with an outdoor kitchen, installing a spa, or creating a beautiful pond, is a great way to increase the resale value of your home, should you decide to sell or rent it. But with a pond, you’ll keep your outdoor area cool and humid.

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