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Feeling tense? Why not try some TENS? Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a therapeutic treatment that uses low voltage electric current produced by a special device called a TENS unit in order to relieve pain. For decades, this device has … Continue reading

What To Do When Shopping For Massage Chairs

Many people who enjoy a good massage consider buying massage chairs as an alternative to the expensive massage treatments. These chairs are very effective devices and can provide the same pleasure of rejuvenating massage therapy but in a comfort of … Continue reading

Benefits Of A Massage Chair – What You Need To Know

Introduced in the 1980’s, the massage chair was designed to imitate the motions and techniques of a professional masseuse, and was used for relieving stress, tension and to alleviate back pain. However at the beginning, the massage chair failed to … Continue reading

Yoga Equipment: What to Buy for a Magic Om Ride

Unlike any other sport, yoga isn’t really tied to a designated location or any specific equipment. For thousands of years there was no yoga equipment. At its core, yoga is all about connecting the body and the mind. Even just … Continue reading